Https://;Preview=TrueWe are excited to introduce advanced
Push Notifications for both the ManageBac Android and iOS mobile apps. All important messages and notifications can now be sent directly to your mobile device via the Push Notifications.

Teachers and Students will now receive Year Group and Class message notifications directly from ManageBac to their mobile devices. Homeroom Teachers will also receive push notifications when a new message is added into a Student’s Portfolio.

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Students will receive push notifications when Task Grades have been posted, Term Reports are released, and when updates have been made within Portfolios.

Parents will receive push notifications when there is a new message posted to the Parents Association and when a new Behavior Note has been added.

From the Notification Settings page, users will be able to choose which notifications they would like to receive on their mobile device. Over the Summer, we will be adding additional Push Notification options.

Stay up-to-date anytime and anywhere with all the latest messages & notifications from your School.


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