Thank you for all who joined our virtual event, Around the World in 24 Hours with ManageBac: Remote Learning Edition, where educators from around the world came together to share insight into remote learning. During this unique event, there were 1,060 participants who joined us live for 39 sessions offered over the course of 24 hours. Session topics spanned Leadership for Remote School Culture, Supporting Students and Parents Remotely, and many more insightful remote learning topics.

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Here’s what some of our attendees had to say about the event:

Extremely educational webinar. Well done to everyone @managebac for putting on an engaging day of CPD.

Gary Kenny, IB Assistant Coordinator at Beijing National Day School

Every “What?” has its “How?” Useful rubrics to help the students evaluate and keep track of the ATL skills that they are working on. Self-Assessment and Self-Reflection are essential practices for students and educators!

Rawan Adawii, ICT Teacher at Wellspring Learning Community

The new reality: shift to remote learning, includes discussion boards, video conferencing, online assessments, indoor activities / isolation, social distancing -Adapting CAS (creativity, activity and service) in our Remote Learning Classrooms.

Nick Nwolisa, Youth and Adolescent Development Consultant at European Azerbaijan School

If you missed any of the sessions, you can watch the recordings here by selecting the session you wish to watch, and clicking the yellow button, “Play Video Stream”.

Watch the Recordings

We also gave three virtual company update sessions, The Future of ManageBac, on July 29th and 30th, 2020, led by our CEO, Theo King, providing an update of what we’ve been working on and an overview of ManageBac’s future roadmap. The sessions focused on recent product releases to support online learning, including the release of Online Lessons with Zoom integration, Presentation Mode and KeyChat, and Pamoja Lesson Suite, now fully integrated into ManageBac classes.

In case you missed The Future of ManageBac sessions, you can view our slides below:

We had a great time connecting with our schools and members in the global IB community virtually. A big thank you to all who attended our virtual event and interacted with us on Twitter!

As next steps, feel free to: 

  1. Vote on prioritization of ManageBac features on the ManageBac Customer Product Portal
  2. Download A Guide to Remote Learning in ManageBac to learn how to use ManageBac for remote learning in your classroom
  3. Learn more about Pamoja
  4. Contact us if you would like more information about how ManageBac can support your IB continuum