Pamoja Online Course Registrations are now open via the ManageBac Plan worksheet!

Students, Site-based Coordinators and IB DP Coordinators can now easily manage all registrations from within their ManageBac Plan Worksheet. Course requests can be submitted via API will be processed through our OpenApply for admissions.

Important Note: registration via the SIS has been deprecated and is no longer available. Pamoja Online Course registrations are now managed exclusively within ManageBac.

For IB World Schools

Our Global Team has been hard at work to make life better for our mutual 700+ schools and to ensure that Pamoja is accessible for every IB Diploma student and school. Key improvements to make life better for Site-based Coordinators (SBCs) include:

  • Course Request Dashboard: shows the Course status by Subject and Student allowing Site-based Coordinators to easily track request status in real-time.
  • Pamoja Digest: provides Coordinators with a roll-up summary of all registrations by student & subject via e-mail.
  • Plan Worksheet Reminders: provide Coordinators with an automated email reminder option to prompt students to fully complete their Plan worksheets in advance of IB Exam registration deadlines.

For Schools New to Pamoja

For ManageBac schools, getting started with Pamoja Online Courses is now easier than ever, simply enable “Pamoja” within your ManageBac > Settings, or “Enable” within our new Faria Service Manager.


For non-ManageBac schools please note, all students will be registered via ManageBac. If you do not have a ManageBac account, please contact our team who will be able to walk you through the registration process and answer any questions you may have.

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