We’ve made several improvements to the system this week:


  • The OpenApply main page buttons (Application, Registration of Interest, Tour) can now be renamed within Settings > General. If the school has only one application form enabled, the button will automatically display the name of that form.
  • Students can now be searched by preferred name and other name.


  • Files can now be attached to messages. The parents will receive the message with a hyperlink to download the file.
  • Files can now be attached to checklist items via Settings > Admissions > Checklist. Upon logging in, parents will be able to download the file within their Dashboard.



Imports & Exports:

  • Recent export records can now be deleted by the export author and administrators.



  • Invoice reminders and receipts are now recorded in the Applicant Profile.


  • When reconciling invoices, check numbers can now be included on the payment receipt.


Parent Dashboard:

  • In addition to receiving an e-mail notification, interviews that have been scheduled, re-scheduled or canceled are now visible from the Parent Dashboard. The UI is modeled after scheduling a tour.