We are excited to introduce our new Multimedia Editor, rolling out across ManageBac in August. This universal enhancement will enable Students, Teachers, Admins and Parents to communicate ideas and information even more clearly and meaningfully.

What’s New?

  • Record & Upload Audio Messages
  • Post & Embed Video
  • Built-in Drawing & Photo Editor Coming Soon
  • “@” Tag your Colleagues & Students Coming Soon
  • Improved Text Highlights, Table Formatting & More
  • Add Personality with Emojis Coming Soon
  • Refreshed Look & Feel

How Does it Work?

Built-In Photo Editor

Our new Built-in Photo Editor & Scanning Tool allows all ManageBac users to filter, crop, rotate, annotate, draw and more – so you can get creative with images!

Enhanced Font Sets

We have worked hard to perfect our UTF-8 font-sets across over a dozen languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, German and Arabic. For our schools in the Middle East, right-to-left with Arabic & Hebrew are supported universally.

Like what you see?
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