The International Baccalaureate (IB) regularly releases updates to subject guides and other guidance material to ensure its programmes are aligned with the latest pedagogical research and practice recommendations. Here at ManageBac, we are committed to ensuring that your learning platform reflects current IB requirements and, with that in mind, we have a number of changes to share with you today.

Unit Planner Updates

The IB has updated the following subject areas, and these changes are now reflected in the ManageBac Unit Planner:

  • Myp MYP Arts
  • Dp Business DP Business Management
  • Dp Classical DP Classical Languages
  • Dp DP Theatre
  • Dp Literature DP Literature and Performance

For subjects that have a transition period, you will find that both last assessment 2023 and first assessment 2024 are now available in the Unit Planner.

Assessment Transition Period@2X 1

Introducing DP Digital Society

The new DP subject Digital Society has been added to ManageBac. Please ensure you have activated this subject in your School Settings to allow teachers to choose it for planning purposes.

Keen to implement the new course but unsure where to begin? DP Digital Society will be available via Pamoja Online Courses at Standard Level and Higher Level from August 2022. You can also take advantage of a range of new, pre-prepared teaching resources available via Pamoja Lesson Suite, included in Mb Passport 2 Passport.

Dp Digital Society@2X 1

Plans Updates

The Plans section of ManageBac has also been updated to reflect the subjects available for assessment in 2023. You can now use the Plan Worksheet to register for 2023 exam sessions – drawing on our step-by-step guidance.
Plan Worksheet

Learn More from Our Subject Leaders

Wondering what to expect from the latest curriculum updates? In these short articles, our DP Subject Leaders provide a clear and succinct breakdown of what to expect from four subjects undergoing significant change. Click on each subject icon to read the article!

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