ManageBac now supports the new TOK course for students first assessed in 2022. Worksheets for TOK Exhibition and Essay are now available within all schools offering the IB Diploma programme. 

The old TOK projects will be available for existing Year Groups until after the end of the November 2021 examination session, more specifically until January 1, 2022. After that date the old TOK projects will remain in a read-only format to preserve the data, but users will not be able to make any changes.

For new Year Groups, we will keep the option to enable the legacy TOK project until April 1, 2021. After that point all new Year Groups will have to use the updated TOK 2022 projects.

In the scope of the TOK 2022 release we have included two features for school administrators that were previously not available within IB Diploma:

  • Both the TOK Exhibition and Essay templates are fully customisable. To edit the current defaults simply navigate to Settings > IB Diploma > Project-Based Learning and select the template you wish to edit. The default templates have been created in collaboration with Michael Dunn from
  • Project-based learning is now available for the IB Diploma programme. School administrators can now create and manage their own project templates.

Tok Chloe

Support for the revised TOK Essay & Exhibition, including how to enable TOK 2022 

for your school, questions on migration of Legacy TOK data, managing worksheets & reviewing progress, as well as the student perspective, are now live on ManageBac. We welcome any feedback or questions about the new project-based learning inspired worksheets at or schedule a training with our team today.