Education technologies are fast evolving. At AssessPrep, we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve. As artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly takes hold, we’ve been hard at work harnessing its potential to revolutionise the educational landscape.

1. Curriculum Pd 9. Curriculum 8. Essential Questions

Question Creation Reinvented

Say goodbye to the hassle of having to create authentic and appropriate formative assessments and mock exams from scratch.

  • Smart AI-generated questions: Simply choose the relevant parameters, such as the desired criteria and command term for MYP, or the syllabus topic, difficulty level, and teaching level for DP, to generate properly structured, engaging, and high-quality questions covering the target learning objectives and customised to your needs.
  • Learn from any source: AssessPrep’s AI can also analyse and generate questions from any text or video support, making it easy to create assessments based on diverse content sources, which leads to a richer and more comprehensive learning experience for your students.
  • A never-ending supply of fresh questions: Generate original questions similar to the ones already included in our comprehensive question bank library. This means you’ll have access to an ever-expanding, virtually limitless collection of customisable questions, each tagged with the appropriate parameters, allowing you to effortlessly select and add these questions to your assessments.

Say hello to a more efficient and personalised approach to assessment creation with AssessPrep!

29. Auto Correctable Interactives

Auto-Generate Step-by-Step Solutions

Utilise our advanced AI-powered technology to easily generate step-by-step solutions for any question. Provide clear, detailed explanations that guide students through each solution step, making it easy for them to grasp critical concepts and methods of solving.

5. Standards Based Grading

Auto Grading of Student Answers

Save time and effort with our advanced auto-grading feature. Our AI algorithms are trained to assess student answers and provide instant, individualised feedback, allowing teachers to focus on student learning.

For the Middle Years Programme, our AI understands subject criteria and achievement level descriptors, enabling it to critically analyse answers, determine achievement levels or assign points for each criterion while offering actionable feedback.

For the Diploma Programme, our AI is able to assign points and give individualised feedback on each answer based on the accompanying mark schemes for IB exam questions. This ensures that students receive accurate and consistent grades, while also helping them to improve their understanding of the subject matter.

We’ve rigorously compared the marks and feedback generated by our AI grading system to those given by expert IB examiners. The results reveal that our AI’s assessments closely align with human examiners, delivering unparalleled accuracy and consistency in grading. Experience the future of grading with AssessPrep!

23. Algorithm

AI Detection and Plagiarism Check

Promote authenticity and accountability through AssessPrep’s AI detection feature which accurately identifies whether a response was written by a student or an AI. Our plagiarism check feature also flags instances of copy & paste by comparing student answers to an extensive database of sources.

Smca 27. Natural Language Processing

AI Tutor for Students

Transform formative assessments into interactive learning experiences with AssessPrep’s AI tutor. As a teacher, you control student access to our AI tutor, empowering your students to delve deeper into concepts, resolve doubts, and nurture independent learning skills.

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Karan Gupta and Shikhar Sethi are the co-founders of AssessPrep, an innovative platform designed to facilitate schools’ transition from traditional pen-and-paper to next-generation digital assessments. Launched in 2016 with the aim of streamlining assessments and enhancing learning outcomes, AssessPrep has since grown to serve over 500 international schools and established its presence in more than 75 countries worldwide.

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