Following our annual management meeting in January, we are delighted to release our 2019 Product Roadmap for ManageBac, OpenApply and Atlas.

For ManageBac, during the first half of 2019:

  1. Redesigned iOS Mobile
    The redesigned ManageBac iOS app will support all user types – including parents – and will provide an improved experience on tablet & phone for all key functions: from taking attendance, classroom management, messaging, managing CAS and Core requirements.
  2. PYP Next Transition Update
    Since the publication of PYP: From principles into practice in October 2018, we have been working to upgrade ManageBac Primary Years to prepare schools for this transition and to align the PYP interface with the new UI released in 2018. Learn more about the PYP Next Transition in our Blog Post and subsequent FAQs.
  3. Redesigned Resources
    Redesigned Resources will provide teachers with a streamlined menu for adding resources in bulk, sharing existing resources from Google Class / GDocs / GDrive within their ManageBac class, and improved management of resources across units, tasks, messages, folders & files.
  4. Global Search Enhancements
    Global search will allow users to easily and efficiently find what you are looking for across ManageBac within Classes, Year Groups, Groups, Assessment Tasks, Events, Deadlines, Units, Files, CAS, SA & Service Learning Activities/Experiences, as well as Project Proposals for TOK, EE and PBL.
  5. Portfolio
    Enhanced student portfolios will unify student coursework with reflections and introduce new goal-setting and achievement features:

    • Organization of Resources: all of the student’s coursework will be aggregated in one place with ability to search and filter by subject and year.
    • Goal-Setting & Reflections: encourage student agency and ATL skills development through regular goal-setting and reflection.
    • School-to-home communication: parents can stay up-to-date on their child’s progress on the web and mobile.
    • Timeline: will show student progression and key highlights (e.g. exemplary coursework) over time across academic terms & years.

Plus new integrations from AssessPrep and SmartPrep.

AssessPrep integration allows teachers to create eAssessment tasks and online exams for students. AssessPrep offers:

  1. Test Creation
    Add different types of questions as well as videos, simulations and images.
  2. Exam Delivery
    Seamless test taking and invigilation experience for high and low stakes assessment
  3. Grading and Analytics
    Assign marks, annotate and give feedback. Detailed criteria wise performance and reports.

SmartPrep offers a flashcard based study and revision tool for DP students. It gives students instant access to the core knowledge they need to master each subject. SmartPrep resources provide full coverage of the official DP, hundreds of questions and answers developed by subject experts.

During the second half of 2019, our core focus will be on web-view, responsive report cards, enhanced assessment options together with gradebook updates.

For OpenApply:

  1. Events Flexibility
    Enhancing flexibility with Tours and Open Days and providing greater visibility of administrators schedules in order to prevent double-booking.
  2. Conditional Checklist Logic
    Schools can define conditional checklist items for additional documentation / requests based on workflows and form responses.
  3. Agent Support
    As a new user type and relationship to families and students, Agents can support either short-term application process only, or an ongoing family relationship based on the school’s discretion.
  4. API Expansion & Integrations
    To provide schools and integration partners with a broader set of API endpoints.
  5. Import and Export Enhancements
    Improvements to bulk image imports, bulk file export, and filtering.
  6. Analytics Performance
    To improve system response times and error handling.
  7. Payments Enhancements
    To provide schools with greater flexibility and customization invoice designs & formatting, payment options, and tracking systems.

For Atlas:

  1. Atlas Bridge Integration
    Integrating Atlas curriculum planning with ManageBac to provide a combined solution for schools with single-sign-on and the ability to create and collaboratively edit Atlas units within each ManageBac class.
  2. Implementation of HighCharts
    Bringing more clarity to Curriculum analytics with simpler and more visually appealing graphs.
  3. Lesson Templates Customization
    Allowing school administrators to design Lesson Planner Templates, which any teacher can apply to their Lesson Plans.
  4. Collaboration on Lesson Plans
    Allow multiple teachers to develop and share Lesson Plans.
  5. ClassLink Integration
    Sync users and course assignments with a broad array of student information systems.
  6. Office 365 SSO
    Allowing users to sign-in with their Office365 credentials.

Feel free to contact our Product Management team at with any suggestions or questions.