This week, we’ve made two updates regarding user profiles and statuses on ManageBac. For more assistance or details about any of the updates below, please contact us via

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User Profiles

1. Online indicator now present for each user: A green circle will appear next to each user’s profile when they are online and using ManageBac, to better assist teachers collaborating on units, and provide greater visibility on ManageBac usage by students during class. This change is now live for our IB Diploma, IB Middle Years, and all Curriculum First programmes. It will be available for the IB Primary Years Programme following the updates planned here.

Image 2019 02 22 at 3.12.12 PM

2. Administrators will be notified via email when a teacher is promoted to Admin status: To provide better security and visibility, all admins will now be notified if a teacher is promoted to admin, as well as if a new admin user is created.