As part of our All New Design series, we will be releasing our new Home Menu in January 2022. Since this is a major change to one of our most important screens, we wanted to share a preview for all schools to provide ample advanced notice.

As the first landing page when you login to ManageBac, the new Home Menu has a cleaner, minimalist look & feel that closely aligns with our new Mobile (Phone + Tablet) design.

It also comes with greater customisation options, allowing you to personalise your view, while preserving fast, one-click access to all key pages.

Let’s dive into some of the key changes & improvements:

Calendar & Upcoming today’s events, tasks & deadlines are shown front & center alongside Online Lessons. For schools using our Attendance module, we have also added in Rotation Days below the calendar date. Join Zoom online lessons in one-click or launch Study Mode as a Student. As a Teacher, your current Lesson is shown for quick & easy reference.

Customisation is key: you can still set your default landing page to login and go directly to a specific page (e.g. Reviews & Progress). The new Home Menu is fully customisable, so you can optionally toggle on/off sections, and pin your most important menu tiles and classes for fast access.

Explore Highlights will feature important system updates as well as personalised Subject-specific resources, including exemplar units, newsfeed updates & more across the IB DP & MYP.

We hope you like this Home Menu redesign and that it simplifies your ManageBac experience. Please stay tuned for our next set of All New Design updates. Feel free to share any feedback with us at

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