Just in time for Back to School, we are excited to introduce several key design updates to improve your teacher, student and parent experience on ManageBac.

We have listened to your feedback and over the past year, our team has been hard at work reimagining ManageBac with several key design updates to provide clarity of focus, improved usability, and streamlined navigation.

Starting with Classes & Year Groups on August 30th, you will find a new “look & feel” that will be applied across ManageBac.Read our full recap below, or watch our All New Design video for guided walkthrough:

Our All New Design provides:

Improved clarity of focus and usability

Streamlined navigation with fewer clicks

Enhanced readability and contrast

Our Design Approach

Rather than releasing one mega update, from August 30 and every 3-4 weeks for the next 3 months, we will be releasing a host of new features to make your ManageBac experience better than ever!

In this way, every ManageBac school will benefit from these new design enhancements earlier – at the start of the upcoming academic year – instead of needing to wait for a mid-year update in December.


Building on our Dashboard updates in June, when you first login you will immediately notice a new Classes section that provides easy access to your Units, Tasks and Stream & Resources.

Students & Parents can browse Assessment Feedback alongside the current Unit of Work & Stream including Tasks, Online Lessons and Resources.


Classes & Year Groups

Within both Classes & Year Groups, you will also find a fully redesigned Overview with:

  1. More accessible navigation with icon tiles;
  2. One-click access to your current unit planner & upcoming tasks, deadlines & events;
  3. Browse latest activity at-a-glance; and
  4. With Quick Add easily plan a unit, add an assessment task, schedule a lesson and more.

Once you click into a Unit, Gradebook, Attendance or any other class section, you will notice that the horizontal navigation tiles fade away providing greater clarity of focus. With one easy click (4-square grid icon), you can toggle and access all other Class sections.

Streamlining navigation with fewer clicks has been our core focus, with the Quick Navigation Links and icons, you will always know where you are and be able to jump back with one-click.


Plus there’s more, across ManageBac we have made a host of design improvements within:

Unit Planners  to improve visual hierarchy, enhance font readability and polish the styling of unit hints & guidance.

Unit Planners

Project-based Learning to enhance the design of project worksheets across the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and building on our Interdisciplinary Assessment release.

Reviews & Progress to improve the EE, CAS, SA and Project Coordinator review & approvals experience.

Stay tuned for our next Design update series on ManageBac Mobile.

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