Since our first All New Design release in August 2021, we are excited to share our second Design update encompassing Reviews & Progress, Unit Planners, Study Mode, Weekly Planner, Engagement Analytics & more.

Plus, be sure to check out our latest ManageBac on Mobile update and a preview of what’s next for Gradebook & Reporting.

Reviews & Progress
W1 October

Improving the Approval & Reviews process for Coordinators across Project-based Learning (EE, ToK, MYP Interdisciplinary) and Service Learning (CAS, SA):

  • At-a-glance Tiles and Latest Activity Feed
  • Faster, One-Click Approval Process
  • Improved Usability and Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Class > Unit Planners
W2 October

“Less is More” Unit Planning:

  • Improving every step of your curriculum planning experience
  • Timely & relevant IB Guidance tailored for each section
  • Redesigned “Look & Feel” with improved readability & icons
  • Maximum focus when editing (full-screen) with minimised unit outline
  • QuickAdd for adding lesson plans & online Zoom lessons

Weekly Planner
W3 October

On the dasboard icon Dashboard, we have shortened the ‘Upcoming’ section to show the next 5 assessment tasks, deadlines and online lessons. Below under Classes, you will find the new Weekly Planner, which provides greater clarity of focus by showing your current week’s Lessons.

With a scroll and one-click [Study Mode Blue Button], you can launch your Lessons or review your progress at-a-glance.

Weekly Planner Screenshot@2x 8 1

Across both your Dashboard and Tasks & Units within Classes, the new Weekly Planner view has been set as the default. You can also easily toggle between our List views or jump to previous & future Lessons.

Study Mode
W4 Oct – W1 Nov

Simplifying navigation and reducing clicks has been our top priority, so you can launch your Lessons in Study Mode with one-click, or you can click any Stream & Resource item. Browse Units > At-a-Glance from within Study Mode (simplifying your views), easily join online lessons directly, and ask teacher questions.

Study Mode Screenshots@2x 8 1

Engagement Analytics
W2 Nov

Dive deeper into your Student Engagement with our one-click rolled up Assessment & Coursework Submission status across Classes.

Task Details within Engagement Analytics@2x 8 1

We are looking forward to December, stay tuned for our All New Design Part III, and share your feedback directly with our Product Team at