Today we have launched BookJetty, which simplifies the book ordering process for ManageBac schools, and provides favourable pricing and cost savings. BookJetty is operated in partnership with leading publishers to offer schools both print and digital licenses.

BookJetty allows schools to:
• Manage budgets by subject group and delegate budget approval to subject heads
• Collaboratively plan and approve purchase requests
• Easily submit orders in bulk ensuring the best possible pricing
• Fully integrate eBooks into teaching & learning within ManageBac across unit planners, resources and assignments

Streamlined Book Purchasing
Teachers can access a curated catalogue of over 200 top IB titles, alongside the full range of Amazon books, and submit purchase requests directly to administrators. With real-time subject enrolment counts synced over from ManageBac, schools will always order the right quantity at the right price. Track spending by subject group and department in real-time.

Best Pricing
With intelligent price comparison, you can order books from the most competitive vendor. Based on our high-low price comparison analysis, schools can save an average of 17% per DP Subject.

Social Bookshelf
Teachers and students can seamlessly share their bookshelves with colleagues and classmates, including completed books, books in-progress, and books to-read. Rate books, post reviews, and follow others’ opinions. Curated collections also make it easy to discover new books for your subject.

eBooks Fully Integrated within ManageBac
Embed eBooks into your curriculum when planning a unit and in tasks & assignments when assigning readings. Teachers and students can search within books for keywords and references, eliminating the need to flip through an index. Link to specific chapters, track student progress, and view individual student bookshelves. With an integrated delivery model, students are automatically assigned eBooks (across various publishers) based on their class memberships, making provisioning & management fast & efficient.

Access BookJetty seamlessly with one-click from the ManageBac Accounts Portal. No setup required!

Take a look at our tutorials below to get started with BookJetty: