We are pleased to announce a new series of events created with the intent to educate account administrators on ManageBac best practices.  The certificate programme aims to provide a series of training courses empowering educators on how to make the most of ManageBac. The courses are programme-specific, targeted at IB Diploma, Middle Years and Primary Years administrators and IT Coordinators. Participants who complete one course will be certified as ManageBac Educators.

ManageBac Certified Educator

The Certificate Programme will be run as courses offered in various locations around the world.  The courses will be one and a half days focused on learning practical skills required to successfully use and administer ManageBac for your school, led by experienced ManageBac support staff. These training courses are best suited for users who are administrators on their school’s ManageBac account and responsible for the setup or academic management of their accounts.

The sessions will include:

  • Instructions on configuring ManageBac Settings
  • Practice building and changing report templates
  • Best practices for managing classes
  • Training on all new releases in ManageBac

The course will also include presentations from experienced ManageBac users on how they use ManageBac at their schools!

Click here to learn more about the ManageBac Certificate Programme and to see which courses are available near you.  We hope to see you there!