We are delighted to announce the first phase of our Atlas curriculum integration with ManageBac available from March 2019.

This integration allows mutual Atlas & ManageBac schools to collaboratively plan and edit Atlas units directly within ManageBac classes with single-sign-on. No data migration is required and existing Atlas Courses & Subjects can be easily mapped to your ManageBac classes in a day or less.

With the integration enabled, Teachers will be able to seamlessly add, browse, and edit Atlas Units directly within their ManageBac class.

Teachers will be able to extend their Atlas units into the classroom with assessment tasks & resources on the ManageBac stream.

Further to this update and leading into summer 2019, we will be importing the full range of Atlas curriculum into ManageBac encompassing 600+ curriculum programs, academic and accreditation standards. This will provide comprehensive curriculum support for our multi-curricula schools.

If you have any questions about the ManageBac and Atlas integration please free free to contact support@managebac.com