All ManageBac IB Diploma students and teachers now enjoy free and unlimited access to the SMARTPREP IB App – available directly within your ManageBac account until November 15, 2019.


Four years ago SMARTPREP began as a dream in the eyes of two IB alumni with a neat idea: “Let’s make revising for the Diploma Programme more enjoyable, interactive and effective.“

Today thousands of students in 65 countries rely on SMARTPREP to prepare for their exams.

SMARTPREP gives you and your students instant access to the core knowledge that needs to be mastered in each subject. Thousands of flash cards add up to full coverage of the IB Diploma syllabus across six subjects, (with many more currently in development). Each card is a kernel of essential knowledge with concise explanations and clear graphics, building towards mastery one question at a time.

SMARTPREP makes it easy to study at home, in school and anywhere in between. Their resources are available in print or as a web-app.

What does the SMARTPREP integration feature?

The integration with ManageBac brings the SMARTPREP IB App to schools. The brand new ManageBac interface makes it possible to select the content that matches your teaching points, one class at a time. Select the flash cards you need, add a title and message to the SMARTPREP Exercise, and push it to your students immediately – before, during or after class.

All Exercises can be integrated into your lessons by slotting them in the Stream & Resources of the units you are planning. Because the integration between Managebac and SMARTPREP is seamless, you and your students have instant access to the Exercises you prepare.

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The SMARTPREP IB App is designed to work on the web browser of any device, so your students can study anywhere and anytime. In addition, interactive features like Notes, Folders and Analytics allow learners to organize the content according to their needs and preferences, so that they own it. Engaged students are better students!

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How do I get started?

Through your ManageBac account, your school already has access to the SMARTPREP IB App. With single sign-on, you can log in to SMARTPREP using your ManageBac credentials.

Enjoy the app for free

For teachers to benefit from SMARTPREP Exercise for classes and unit planning, please ask your school’s coordinator or ManageBac administrator to enable SMARTPREP IB App in their ManageBac settings. Students have automatic access to SMARTPREP from their dashboard.

Note for Schools in China: SMARTPREP integration is not yet supported for schools in China. This is currently under development and expected by July, 2019.