Feature Friday

Diploma Programme: EE & TOK Rosters now include Reflections Check: To better assist IB Coordinators’ end of year tasks, ManageBac has added the ability to view whether or not the Extended Essay RPPF and the Theory of Knowledge PPF reflections have been added...

Announcing the ManageBac Certificate Programme

Announcements | June 7, 2018
We are pleased to announce a new series of events created with the intent to educate account administrators on ManageBac best practices.  The certificate programme aims to provide a series of training courses empowering educators on how to make the most of ManageBac....

Announcing BookJetty

Announcements | June 5, 2018
Today we have launched BookJetty, which simplifies the book ordering process for ManageBac schools, and provides favourable pricing and cost savings. BookJetty is operated in partnership with leading publishers to offer schools both print and digital licenses....

Feature Friday

Diploma Programme: Bulk export of RPPF forms for Extended Essay:  Available now in the new interface. EE RPPF forms can be exported in bulk via Year Group > Extended Essay > Bulk Generate RPPF as ZIP. The zip file will then be available for download on the...

ManageBac is GDPR Compliant

Announcements | May 25, 2018
We treat the data that you share with us with the utmost care and respect to privacy.  To support our continued growth, and help ensure ManageBac and our European customers remain compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), we have made a number of...

Introducing our New Class Transitions

Announcements, Product Updates | May 23, 2018
Classes in ManageBac house some of your school’s most important information, such as grades, classroom files and resources, and messages. Our new Class Transitions process will help ensure the integrity of your school’s data from the previous year, as well as...
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