Earlier this May, we completed the final phase of our Curriculum First unification on ManageBac with the migration of IB Diploma to our C1 foundation.

This unification delivers several long-term benefits and improvements for all IB World schools on ManageBac:

Curriculum First Foundation

Our Rosetta stone for curriculum allows schools to support multiple curricula with equivalencies in parallel (e.g. IB DP alongside Advanced Placement) or with different pathways (e.g. Cambridge IGCSE & EdExcel with IB DP). This common curriculum data model enables schools to use any of our pre-built frameworks for the IB, Cambridge or American curriculum programs with one-click, or alternatively to customize and Build-your-Own curriculum with over 600+ academic and accreditation standards.

One for All and All for One

Curriculum programs now have a fully harmonized interface with functional parity. Teachers can enjoy a consistent universal set of classroom management features with matching student portfolios. All units across programs have real-time, collaborative editing, the whole-school curriculum and curriculum analytics are aligned, flexible assessment options and the split-screen gradebook with annotations & Google Docs integration are available universally. Whereas before you may have noticed that certain features were only available within a specific curriculum program, all features are now available universally.

Service Learning, Project-based Learning and Integrations

Within the Year Groups, schools can now customize their Service Learning framework, and within Subject classes, you can use TurnItIn, Google Docs and Vantage Reader for annotations seamlessly across all class subjects. Within Project-based Learning, teachers can build custom Project worksheets within their subjects (e.g. for the History IA in IB DP).

Custom Unit Templates & Curriculum Components

Supporting standard and interdisciplinary planning can be customized with additional curriculum components, and built-in guidance for planning, reflection prompts, and accreditation & evaluation planning.

Redesigned PDF Exports with QR Codes

You can now easily share or print your Curriculum with a refreshed look & feel or use QR codes to provide direct access.

Moving beyond the Curriculum, we have made a number of global enhancements to improve overall Class Management:

    1. The Units & Tasks roster allows you to easily browse your Unit Calendar, and view each Unit at-a-glance with an expanded Stream view. Easily toggle between Active vs. Draft.
    1. The Presentation Mode & KeyChat features introduced this June build on the Online Lessons integration with Zoom allowing teachers to seamlessly deliver synchronous live lessons with built-in chat.
    2. Assessment & Gradebook with the split-screen view, you can easily annotate & assess coursework side-by-side. Extend it with TurnItIn and Google Docs.
    3. Powerful annotation & document editing capabilities with recent Vantage Reader upgrades, you can now preview & annotate all Microsoft Office documents and images.
    4. Global ResourceBank together with the new Pamoja Lesson Suite we are delighted to make sharing curriculum resources easier than ever within your school and with automatic subject filtering.

Last, but not least, this C1 unification improves ManageBac’s overall system performance, scalability and feature development velocity, which means a faster, more performative user experience on the web & mobile.