Introducing our redesigned Dashboard for Teachers, Coordinators and Admins including our new Unit Calendar timeline, Latest Activity with quick navigation to your classes, and a new Universal Quick Add menu, which will allow you to create new Units, Assessments and Resources with one-click.

Unit Calendar Timeline

Dashboard Unit Calendar
As one of the most popular views on Atlas, the new Unit Calendar timeline shows your current upcoming units in a Gantt chart style by month for your most recently accessed subject. With one-click, you can easily navigate into the unit and by hovering over the timeline bar, you can see the precise unit start & end dates. Within the Class > Units & Tasks roster, we have also improved the visualization under each Unit, so you can see at-a-glance where the unit falls within the academic year.

Latest Activity

Dashboard Latest Activity
The Latest Activity feed has been expanded to include Curriculum updates including Units and Stream & Resources as well as threading for Message comments. Within each Class section, you can also add new assessment tasks & resources or access the gradebook and attendance with one-click.

Lite Menu & Universal Quick Add

Lite MenuDashboard Quick Add E1560695832851
The left navigation menu now has two modes: Default & Compact, which will allow you to make full use of screen width on the web & tablet layouts. On the top left corner, you will also notice a new + button, which will allow you to create new Units, Assessments and Resources with one-click. By default the Quick Add menu will show for your most recently accessed class and we will be gradually expanding this to cover Portfolio items as well as Year Groups & Simple Groups.

If you have any questions or feedback on this release, please feel free to contact our Support team at