This week, we’ve made updates to Transcripts and our CAS/Service Learning/Service as Action interviews. For more assistance or details about any of the updates below, please contact us via

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1. Student names now customisable in Transcript Settings: To provide more flexibility for students with multiple names, schools can now choose which parts of their students’ names they’d like to include on official transcripts on ManageBac. Each option (First, Preferred, Middle, Last, and Other) can be selected via Transcripts > Transcripts Settings.

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CAS, SA, and Service Learning

1. Notes and Interviews can now be added prior to students adding experiences or activities: In order to better support advisors and coordinators who may wish to document student interviews prior to the start of their CAS or Service programme, Notes and Interviews can now be found immediately at the bottom of each student’s worksheet, even if the student has not added any work.

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