Jump right into the next school year with our new Onboarding tutorials, QuickStart Guides and redesigned Support Centre!


Transitioning to the New Academic Year (Admins)

Transitioning your schools account each year is vital to maintaining healthy data management, and ensuring ease of access to historical academic records. To improve this process, we have deployed a New Academic Year Checklist for administrators, covering creating your academic terms for 2019-2020, rolling students up another grade level, bulk adding new users and classes, and bulk-assigning students and teachers to their classes.

The checklist can be found via the Dashboard, and provides estimated time to completion for each step. The steps are checked off automatically as they are completed. A reminder for PYP schools: you can request to have your account transitioned and set up in a best-practice manner for the enhanced PYP, by filling out the PYP Next transition form.


Account Setup Checklists & QuickStart Guides (All Users)

Admins, teachers, students and parents can find their own personal setup checklist under their Avatar & Name. This checklist ensures that their profile has up-to-date information, including name, email, profile photo, and notification settings. New feature releases are also highlighted in this checklist, where you can download the brand new ManageBac iOS App to get started for the new academic year!

Under the Help & Support tab, users can launch in-app QuickStart Guides, providing a navigational tour of ManageBac. Whether you are a new user or seasoned pro, the QuickStart guide provides a refresher on the ManageBac system as well as newly introduced features such as the Lite Menu and Quick Add options.


Redesigned Support Centre (All Users)

The brand new ManageBac Help Centre will allow you to find the answers to your questions quicker than ever before by providing a centralized hub of text tutorials, video introductions, webinars on demand, our product roadmap, and much more.

The new Help Centre is fully integrated with our Zendesk support & service platform, meaning that you can submit a support request directly, and track the support ticket status & progress with our ManageBac Support Team. Whether you reach out via email, Facebook, Twitter, or by submitting a support request, our Global Support team will have the full context to solve your issue efficiently with one unified thread.


 You can view a video introduction to the new Help Centre below:

For any further questions about transitioning your account, QuickStart Guides, or the ManageBac Help Centre, please contact support@managebac.com or submit a request from the help centre!