It was a privilege to serve your school in 2016. Thank you for the support, ideas, and suggestions! We are thrilled to start the new year with 2,196 schools in our community.



2016 by the numbers

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Released in 2016

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E619Cb37 8D21 4411 A332 A09Ec0695D6F BEHAVIOUR & DISCIPLINE

Record incidents, notify parents and teachers, and track whole-school patterns. Read more

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1Ef76496 A573 494E B130 002658D9C941 UPDATED DIPLOMA UNIT PLANNERS

To better support teaching & learning in the DP. Read more

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Fef29E82 1Ad2 4888 B0E2 091B0A1Ebbe2 LAUNCHPAD SSO

Updates to account security launched together with our Single sign-on Launchpad feature. Read more

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We announced our integration partnership with Pamoja, the world’s only provider of online DP courses. Read more

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1B24Fe98 1F67 47Fe A8F1 26B087B686D3 NEW ATTENDANCE SETTINGS

Schools can now specify attendance settings by programme. Read more

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F73998B8 D4Ff 47Ab Aaff 4F83473Bc021 NEW PARENT INTERFACE

We deployed a smooth new interface for parents with a responsive layout and faster performance. Read more

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870B1968 C14A 4Bf3 A5C7 F01Ffa3F1Cb9 NEW STUDENT INTERFACE

The interface for students was similarly updated over the winter holiday break! Read more

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