We look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting others for the first time at the IBAEM conference in the Hague next week!

We will have a record 7 staff members attending the event, all fully equipped with laptops, smartphones, and iPads, so please feel free to bring us all your ManageBac questions. We’re happy to do on-the spot troubleshooting and resolve any lingering issues.

If you don’t have any questions, stop by and say hello anyway! We’ll update you on all our latest developments, including:

  • Our timeline of releases for MYP Next Chapter,
  • Our iOS applications for Diploma and Middle Years,
  • The launch of our online admissions platform OpenApply, and
  • The upcoming release of our international school information system iSIS.

If your school is located near the Hague, we are also available for onsite visits in the week following the conference. See you all soon!