We are excited to introduce support for the new MYP Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning guide, including an IDU planning guide for teachers and a revamped IDU planner with integrated assessment resources. These updates will be adaptable to support interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary, project-based learning across the whole IB continuum.

Approach & Design

With the support of Educational Leader, Diane Smith, our Curriculum Development Team has designed a flexible – yet comprehensive – approach to Interdisciplinary curriculum planning and assessment.

01. Myp Pbl Id Unit Planner@3X 1

In order to simplify the unit planning process and align with  the new Interdisciplinary Guide, we have made a number of design updates to the MYP Unit Planner templates. These changes will improve overall usability and improve collaborative planning for teachers & coordinators:

  1. Interdisciplinary Planners: are clearly indicated on both the Units & Tasks Roster together with the associated subjects.
  2. Planner Guidance: has been refined for maximum clarity. This is available right next to the section of the planner that you need it and can be easily shown or hidden. 
  3. Improved Contrast & Readability: across all key Unit Planner sections.
  4. Better Edit Modes: you can now more easily Edit in a full-screen Mode, which provides greater focus, or ease of use on tablets. 
  5. Non-Concurrent Units: are another important enhancement. This allows Teachers to split Units into separate weeks within one academic year.

03. Myp Pbl Id Worksheet@2X@3X 1

Our approach to Interdisciplinary Assessment builds on our work within Project-based Learning, providing a flexible framework for Teachers to map Assessments across an entire MYP Year Group or a specific set of Subject classes.

Interdisciplinary Assessments are automatically linked under the Interdisciplinary Unit Planner. Within each Interdisciplinary Assessment, Subject Teachers are able to add formative, summative and online assessments together with checkpoint Deadlines & To Do Lists. 

02. Myp Pbl Ib Assessment@3X 1

For term reporting, teachers can provide Interdisciplinary Assessment Criteria achievement levels for each IDU that has been implemented during the term. If multiple IDUs have been implemented, teachers can also apply a best-fit judgment in each criterion and generate an Interdisciplinary 1-7 grade. These achievement levels and grade are included on a single-page accompanying the MYP Class Reports.

04. Myp Pbl Id Journal@2X 2 1

Optionally, Teachers can enable Journals to encourage Students to record or log their progress. Teacher & Student Communication, together with Interview Notes, can also be recorded on the worksheet.

Summary of Interdisciplinary Requirements

For easy reference, from August 2021 onwards every IB Middle Years Programme must: 

  • have at least one Interdisciplinary Unit involving  2 or more subjects;
  • address all three objectives (every strand) of interdisciplinary learning;
  • use the assessment criteria to inform formative assessment and to determine achievement levels for summative assessment tasks.

Learn more about Interdisciplinary in the MYP by exploring our new guide, reading our Blog by Diane Smith on “5 questions to ask when starting to use the new IDU guide”, and registering for our Professional Learning Community to explore first hand about our approach & design to Interdisciplinary.

Our new Subject Pages will include an IDU page that collects together information and resources to help you find resources and streamline your planning.