In the past few months, we have seen the schooling system disrupted around the world, yet it has given us an opportunity to rethink the future of education. An ever-increasing need has arisen for a holistic platform that can help teachers conduct reliable and efficient assessments. For us at AssessPrep, this meant taking a moment to look at the bigger picture and redefining our role in shaping the future of assessments. As a result of these careful deliberations, we have reimagined AssessPrep’s most popular features to better serve teachers and students inside and outside of the classroom.

We are excited to announce the release of AssessPrep V2! In this new release, we have completely redesigned AssessPrep as a result of all the user feedback we’ve collected in recent years and extensive testing with multiple stakeholders including teachers, administrators and the student community. The new AssessPrep comes with a cleaner user interface and better security, and is also more intuitive, collaborative, and functional, along with a host of other feature improvements. Join our upcoming webinar to learn more.

Ready for a full breakdown? Let’s dive into what’s new and enhanced in AssessPrep V2:

Enhanced Usability: The entire AssessPrep interface has been redesigned to considerably improve the ease of use for all of our stakeholders. It is now more efficient, effective, aesthetically pleasing, and lucid.


Test Authoring

Creating a test is now a breeze: With one-click, teachers can choose from a great variety of content and question types which makes the test authoring process much more straightforward and intuitive. It is easier to create rich interactive assessments without the need for significant training. The number of steps needed to add a question have also been considerably reduced.

Creating a test is now a breeze

Test Delivery

Secure test-taking within your browser: Apart from the earlier available options of delivering tests ‘online via browser’ for low stakes assessments and ‘via lockdown app’ for high stakes assessments, we have now provided the option of delivering a test online with enhanced security. The test will begin in full-screen mode and whenever the student leaves the test window, they’ll get a ‘focus lost’ alert and the invigilator/proctor will be notified. This works incredibly well if you want to conduct an assessment with medium level security and do not want your students to go through the hassle of downloading the lockdown app on their machines.

iOS and Chromebook Support
iOS and Chromebook Support: You can now conduct tests in high-security lockdown mode on Chromebooks and iPads.


Upload hand-written documents with each answer: Students can now attach handwritten work with each question by first scanning a QR code (no special app required) and then clicking pictures using their mobile phone. This feature will help schools gradually transition from pen and paper assessments to digital assessments.

Upload hand-written documents with each answer
AssessPrep Mobile Upload hand-written documents Interface

Optimised for Mobile Phones: AssessPrep V2 has been optimised for all screen sizes including desktops, tablets and mobile phones which means that students can now take tests using their mobile phones as well.

AssessPrep Version 2
AssessPrep Version 2

Advanced Invigilation/Proctoring Tools

Faster and Easier Assessment Management: We have realised it is a mammoth task to conduct assessments for an entire school and it’s an even bigger hassle if the test has to be conducted remotely. Keeping this in mind, our primary focus was to make exam management easier for school administrators and teachers.

  1. Add ‘Invigilators/Proctors’ to a Test: Schools can now add invigilators to a test who will be able to monitor a test.
    AssessPrep Version 2
  2. Assessment Overview Tab: Admins can manage and monitor all scheduled tests with a single overview dashboard.
  3. Improved Test Monitoring: Teachers can now monitor progress, check the test status (Not Started, Started, Ended and Submitted), add extra time, and force submit a test using the live monitoring dashboard.
    Improved Test Monitoring
  4. Video Proctoring: In the case of remote assessments, proctors can monitor students using the built-in video call facility. Also, schools can now include an external video call link (eg: Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams call Link) within the test as well.
    Video proctoring

Reap the Benefits of E-marking

Speedier Grading: The new interface makes it simpler to view student answers – class, student or question-wise and allows faster marking.

Automation: Automark all interactive questions with predefined answers like MCQs, fill text, match, sort and classify, which will dramatically reduce workload for teachers.


Annotations and Feedback: Annotate on student’s typed and uploaded hand-written answers using our advanced annotation tool for a richer, more descriptive feedback.

Annotations and Feedback

What does this mean for existing AssessPrep partner schools?

We are eager for you to get started with AssessPrep V2 but we want to give you the option to transition when you’re ready. You can start exploring and experimenting with AssessPrep V2 and once you make the decision to migrate, we will transfer all your data from AssessPrep V1 to V2. We will start taking migration requests from November 1st, 2020 onwards.

Please join our webinar, Introducing AssessPrep Version 2, on Oct 28, 2020 from 9:00-10:00 AM GMT for an interactive session reviewing all of the exciting new updates!

megaphoneNote: Support for AssessPrep V1 will continue until December 31st, 2020 after which all schools will be migrated to AssessPrep V2.