PYP schools around the world are in a period of innovation and advancement as teachers engage with the enhanced PYP. PYP coordinators play a vital leadership role in embedding the new practices outlined by the IB into the daily practices of their school.

Whether it is developing a culture of collaborative planning, shifting towards a model of ongoing assessment, or underpinning learning with agency, PYP coordinators can smooth the transition for their teachers by first reflecting upon a few key questions:

  • How can I help teachers see that change is valuable and relevant?
  • How will we know if we are successful at implementing the change?
  • Have we considered our cultural context?
  • Is our time-frame realistic and well-defined?

Another area of consideration is training: how are teachers developing the skills needed to implement the change? Professional Development is key to successfully implementing the enhanced PYP and supporting teachers to make incremental changes to their practice. Experiencing the benefits of these changes on student learning outcomes will help teachers to embrace the new expectations.

For more support in leading change in your school, download this e-book to find out what the research tells us about how to make your innovations a success!