In our commitment to continual improvement and in response to the insights provided by our users, we are pleased to unveil the redesign of our native iOS pages for Messages & Notifications, which has now been fully optimised for mobile use.

A Streamlined Mobile Experience

Mobile Friendly

We’ve taken the best parts of our web application and fine-tuned them for your iPhones and iPads. Now staying updated with school communications when you’re on the move is more straightforward and faster than ever. This ensures a smoother, more responsive experience, especially when accessing Messages & Notifications — one of the most used features on ManageBac.

Notifications at a Glance

Mobile Notify Ico

We’ve organised your notifications into clear, easy-to-navigate sections. Mirroring the organisation of the web application, the notification stream on iOS is now categorised into three sections: New for You, Starred, and Previous Notifications.

Selecting a notification takes you straight to a detailed view or the specific page it pertains to. For example, a notification about a new task will now provide immediate access to its page.

Notifications At A

Enhanced Notification Management


Each section now has fixed headers that stay on screen as you scroll, making it easy to keep track of where you are. A new ‘See All’ option provides quick access to a full list of notifications in each category. With just a tap, you can ‘Star’ important messages or ‘Mark as Read’, right from the notification preview.

Enhanced Notification

Ready to Get Started?
This feature is now live and ready to use! We’re excited for you to try out these improvements and feel the difference for yourself. As always, we’re here to support you, so if you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to reach out at

Happy managing!

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