The Learning Management Conference, a dynamic event organised by ManageBac that brought together educators, leaders, and education innovators over two days (13-14 October), brimmed with practical inspiration. Hosted by Jakarta’s Sekolah Pelita Harapan Lippo Village, this event proved to be transformative, with attendees representing over 30 schools from across the Asia Pacific region. Participants delved into educational technology trends and developments, shared valuable insights, and engaged in meaningful discussions surrounding the ever-evolving educational landscape. The conference offered educators, administrators, and school leaders a distinctive chance to network, learn, and foster collaboration.

Day 1 was filled with engaging speakers and impactful sessions, and was an enlightening experience for educators. Michael Iannini’s keynote, Changemakers You Don’t Need a Title to Lead, struck a chord with attendees, providing guidance relevant to the challenges educators face today. Michael shared ways to organise fluid teams, lead collective action and then continually adapt as situations change. His message emphasised the significance of clarity in seeking change, the power of asking the right questions, and the need to expand one’s sphere of influence.

In our spotlight session, Bryan Fawcett, David Sommers, Dipika Ingale, Mariano Zuk and Marina Hastuti shared their ManageBac journeys in a panel discussion themed as Ambassador Journey: Empowering Our Community. Joined by Ryan Bulosan, Head of Community at Faria Education Group, they explained how they have grown as educators in their respective areas, and how they are giving back to the community. The discussion showcased how ManageBac Ambassadors are not only dedicated educators but also catalysts for change. The Ambassador awarding ceremony recognised their outstanding contributions, inspiring all to lead by example.


Lightning Talks held during the Unconference session added a burst of energy to the proceedings as passionate educators shared their takeaways from the first day of the conference, highlighting a range of ideas that attendees could consider implementing in their own schools.

The Happy Hour at Empress China Bar allowed attendees to unwind, mingle and network, promoting an informal but always insightful exchange of ideas and experiences.

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To kickstart Day 2, attendees were provided with a comprehensive ManageBac company update. This included a 2023 service review, insights on recent releases, and details about upcoming product updates and community-led developments. Attendees came together to provide feedback and input into ManageBac’s product roadmap in a collaborative approach that ensures the platform continues to evolve to meet their needs.

Dr. Rijanto Purbojo’s keynote, Utilising Learning Management System with Intelligent Data-Driven Approach to Promote Student Success, delved into the future of educational technology. This session provided attendees with a glimpse into how AI has the potential to revolutionise teaching and learning. It examined the significance of incorporating AI in classroom instruction, especially in the wake of many institutions deploying Learning Management Systems during the pandemic. As schools contemplate the future with learning management systems, recent developments in learning data analytics and AI offer insights that will lead to enhancements in the student learning experience. AI tools, such as ChatGPT, can tackle various tasks, transforming teaching and learning with tech-enabled practices.

Over the two days of the conference, each session offered a unique perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of education. From the empowering journeys of our ManageBac Ambassadors to discussions on effective planning, international collaboration, curriculum management, and fostering learner agency, speakers showcased diversity and their depth of knowledge, reinforcing the importance of forging a supportive community within the field of education. The focus on adaptability as a form of social and emotional intelligence, the integration of AI, and the potential of data-driven decision making underscored the approaches that ready schools for innovation and the future.

The last working session was a fun wrap-up designed for educators to reflect on their personal learning journey. Writing letters to their future selves encouraged meaningful goal setting and reflection. To cap off the conference, the awards ceremony recognised the most engaged, sociable and future ManageBac stars at the conference.

The Learning Management Conference was truly a special gathering, where every speaker and attendee contributed a unique perspective. It delivered on the promise to equip attendees with practical knowledge and ideas to enhance their teaching and enrich their schools. It reinforced the vibrancy of our community of educators willing to come together to inspire and learn from one another. As we move forward, let’s always keep in mind the incredible potential of collaboration and the endless opportunities for lifelong learning!

Download PDFs of the presentations, linked under each session name in the conference schedule.

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