Apologies today for the longer than expected maintenance. The required downtime for this important deployment exceeded our initial estimate of 2 hours, but maintenance was completed at 5:23 pm GMT today.

There was a minor unicode (UTF-8) issue involving smileys 🙂 who would have thought? But that required us to begin a 2nd maintenance session at 3 pm GMT.

We are delighted to announce that ManageBac is now running on the latest version of Rails 4.2.

Our R&D team has been working very hard on this upgrade for the past 11 months, and while the front-end interface for ManageBac remains the same, this was an essential technical upgrade (akin to replacing the engine) encompassing the following:

  • Reduction of over 20k lines of code. Generally the more (or same) functionality in the least amount of code the better.
  • Automated test coverage now stands at 86%. This improves application reliability and allows us to run a suite of continuous integration tests on every new build to catch bugs and fix them before you ever notice them.
  • Memory usage improved by 4x, this greatly improves the ability of ManageBac to handle a higher load.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! As some of you who have submitted feature requests know, we had to pause major feature updates during code freeze because of the MB Rails 4 upgrade. From next week onward, we will be resuming normal feature development.