Based on the MYP publication schedule provided in the Development Report (August 2013), we would like to provide a timeline for when MYP Next Chapter changes will be reflected on ManageBac and how we will be managing the transition across your unit plans & assessment tasks.

Please note that these dates are dependent on the revised publication schedule from the IB, which is provided below. ManageBac release dates are highlighted in yellow, and we will of course make best efforts to ensure that MYP Next Chapter curriculum updates reflected as soon as possible following publication.

MYP Next Chapter Unit Planners

We will be enabling the draft MYP Next Chapter unit planners in early September 2013, so you will be able to begin planning with Global contexts in place of the AOI focus, Inquiry questions in place of the MYP Unit Question, and the addition of the Statement of Inquiry together with the revised ten ATL skill areas and both Key & Related Concepts.

All of your existing unit planner information will carry forward and during the transition period from now until September 2014, you will be able to compare and set your:

  • Global Contexts referencing the historical AOI Focus
  • Key & Related Concepts referencing historical Significant Concepts
  • Statement of Inquiry and Inquiry Questions referencing the historical MYP Unit Question
  • Ten ATL Skill areas referencing the historical seven ATLs

We will also provide a modified PDF export of the draft MYP unit planner, which will be finalized in December.

Assessment Criteria & Objectives

Schools that are not using ManageBac for assessment & reporting, and only for curriculum planning will have the option of enabling the new streamlined Next Chapter objectives & assessment criteria for unit planning in December 2013. Since the implementation of the new subject guides does not begin until September 2014 (and January 2015 for November session schools), we cannot implement these any earlier (i.e. your report cards for the 2013-2014 academic year will be based on the old criteria – unless you are participating in an MYP pilot, in which case, please contact our support team directly and we will be happy to enable the Pilot objectives & criteria for your subject staff within 24 hours).

Subject Group Changes

Lastly the subject group changes will be implemented in July 2014 before the full implementation begins in the 2014-2015 academic year.

Language A = Language and literature
Language B = Language acquisition
Humanities = Individuals and societies
Technology = Design
Physical Education = Physical and health education

As we did last July with the introduction of the new MYP Language B and Humanities subject guides, all existing tasks and units will be carried forward automatically; however, teachers will need to individually update their unit plans for the new elements (e.g. objectives, criteria, statement of inquiry, key & related concepts, ATLs) and to adjust the criteria on their assessment tasks from September 2014 onwards.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about the ManageBac implementation timeline of MYP Next Chapter. We are here to help and make the transition as smooth as possible!