In Melbourne, we welcomed 11 participants from seven international schools on April 14, 2015 at Wesley College for our very first ManageBac Social in the Melbourne area!

We started off with a company update focused primarily on ManageBac, including the new user interface changes and new unit planners. This prompted an informal Q&A session and gave us a chance to hear feedback from the coordinators.

Rohan Chiu, the CAS Coordinator at Wesley College, then presented on how ManageBac was successfully implemented and used at Wesley College in order to methodically track student CAS activities.

Lance King, founder of “The Art of Learning“, gave a presentation on teaching students the necessary learning skills in order to better prepare them for life after school. The Art of Learning aims to provide skills and systems based solutions to academic underachievement. Through his courses, which to date have been delivered in 17 countries to over 180,000 students, teachers and parents, he helps participants learn the strategies, techniques and skills of effective learning so every learner can have the advantages of the world’s best.

Lance’s presentation allowed the participants to reflect on their own teaching strategies, personal experiences, and unique classrooms.

We appreciated the chance to meet some of the teachers and coordinators in Melbourne, and we look forward to our upcoming socials and conferences!

Here are some photos from the social:


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