We are delighted to officially announce the launch of ManageBac Training Academy – a new programme specifically designed to support and empower our international community of educators, administrators and leaders.

What is ManageBac Training Academy?

ManageBac Training Academy offers the opportunity to formally develop your knowledge of our learning platform – equipping you with valuable, transferable skills, which you can take with you throughout your career.

You will come away from each workshop with an in-depth understanding of the topic, new skills, and the confidence to share your learning with your wider school community. You will also earn a certificate evidencing your professional development.

And that’s not all – attending a Training Academy workshop can fast-track your status as a ManageBac Certified Educator, and set you on the path to becoming a Community Ambassador! Watch this space for more information coming soon.

You can expect:

20. Clock2-3 hours of content
9. Service as ActionHands-on activities
75. TopicsTopics for all users
18. ResourcesAccess to resources
69. Expert TeachersExpert-led discussions
8. Accreditation ManagerTraining Academy Certificate

Upcoming workshop topics include: Building End of Term Report Cards, End of Year Account Management, and Handling Integrations for Rostering, Timetables and User Management.

Explore all upcoming Training Academy workshops.

ManageBac Training Academy in Action!

Our first ManageBac Training Academy workshops of the year took place on March 24, 2022. We welcomed 50+ Teachers and Coordinators from over 18 countries to three virtual sessions – each one exploring ManageBac’s eCoursework submission process.

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Hosted by our Support Team, the workshops focused on how to use ManageBac to plan and communicate deadlines, collect coursework from students, review and tag the coursework for submission, and submit the coursework to the IB.


Each workshop included hands-on activities, where participants were invited to try each stage of the process out for themselves – helping to build confidence and familiarity with the different steps involved, ready for upcoming eCoursework submissions.

We were also joined by ManageBac Curriculum Coordinator, Tom Brodie, who provided an overview of recent changes to IB submission requirements (including COVID-19 adjustments), and shared some helpful tips on how to support students in managing their workload and meeting upcoming deadlines.

All participants were given access to materials for use during and after the workshops, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and share their own ideas and experiences with the group.

Feedback from Workshop Participants

“Thank you! The workshop was very informative and the flow was great! I like the demo and the mini task sessions. The slides and samples that are pre-uploaded onto Padlet are handy and very organised!”Kit Wong, Kiangsu-Chekiang College

“Bravo, well done…I enjoyed the jokes and you were very patient with us”Chanell Owens Johnson, New Town High School

“Padlet and resources are useful. The structure of presentation was clear – theory/info slides, then show on MB platform, then chance to try for yourself.”Jon Howarth, Daystar Academy

“Thanks for the clear instructions! Much appreciate checking for questions and such.”Christopher Hepburn, Horizon Japan International School

Next Steps

If you are looking to develop and evidence practical skills, share insights and experiences with peers, and embark on our Ambassador Programme, ManageBac Training Academy is for you!

Find out more and register to join us for our next workshop.