We are delighted to announce the release of ManageBac’s new interface for Teachers & Administrators this 10th day of April.  Please note that the PYP user interface will NOT be updated at this time. The PYP UI will be updated to coincide with the IB’s update of the PYP curriculum for 2019.

How to Switch to the New User Interface

NEWUI 800 1

As a Teacher & Administrator, you can now access the New Interface from your top right nav menu (and seamlessly toggle back and forth). In order to avoid any disruption for schools and staff, ManageBac will support most functions in both the Old and New UI in parallel through June 2018.

New UI Setting
From May 8, 2018 onwards, your Administrator will be able to globally mandate the New UI across your whole-school. This means that the timing of rolling out the New UI to your school will be under your control.

From June 30, 2018 onwards, we will switch-over all Teachers & Admins to the New UI.


What Changed?

New UI Updates

This release completes our 21-month journey that began with the Settings, Student and Parent interfaces with the goals of:

simplifying navigation (so you can get more done with fewer clicks)
improving usability for existing and first-time users
√ implementing a fully responsive layout across web, tablet and mobile

Today’s release of the new UI includes the following enhancements:

  • Gradebook has been moved to the primary navigation menu – reducing clicks.
  • Granular access & permission levels to manage teacher access requirements by curriculum, class and reports.
  • Seamless Google Docs integration to allow for assignment template creation, submission and review
  • More extensive in-app announcements and tutorials from our Support Team making it easier to get the most out of ManageBac.

Additionally, you will find that Reports and Attendance Manager have been refreshed in a new style.

Behind the scenes, ManageBac was fully re-architected with over 50k lines of code changed to to allow for re-use of components, broader curriculum support, and faster rendering performance. These engineering changes collectively provided a step-change improvement to the quality of our codebase making it more manageable and maintainable for the future, and enabling the responsive UI, which works seamlessly across all web, mobile and tablet devices.

More Exciting Features Coming Soon

The release of the new user interface is just the beginning as there are several updates planned for the coming months.  We will be releasing the remaining updates in stages so that your school and your staff can get the support they need to understand all of the planned updates.

More features coming soon by June 30, 2018:

  • Assessment Tasks & Units will be combined into a single Stream view.
  • Redesigned Unit Planners with enhanced customisation options.
  • Enhanced text editors with improved formatting and embeddable media options (files, video, websites, etc.)
  • Teachers will be able to see whether students have viewed an assignment & resource; and much more!

We hope you find this update useful, and as always please feel free to browse our Help Tutorials which will transition over for the New UI on May 8, 2018 or contact our Support team with any questions and comments!