We’re thrilled to introduce an enhancement to the ManageBac Unit Planners: a streamlined and more intuitive standards selection process. This update is designed to make your curriculum planning smoother and more efficient, reflecting our commitment to evolving based on user feedback.

Standards-Based Grading

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Our latest development in assessment practices, Standards-Based Grading, allows for a more nuanced and detailed evaluation of student performance. This feature integrates standards assessment directly into the Term Gradebook and Report Cards, providing a comprehensive view of student achievements in relation to specific curriculum standards.

Intuitive and Quick Standards Selection

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We’ve streamlined the process of selecting standards within a unit. Now, you can directly select the standards you want to target in your unit. In the enhanced Add Standards interface, educators can pinpoint the standards they need by filtering through Standards Sets, Subject, and Grade options. This streamlined approach conveniently displays all relevant strands on a single page, once the filters are applied.

User-Friendly Interface

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We’ve updated the styling of the standards for better visibility and differentiation. The new layout allows you to easily identify and select the specific standards relevant to your unit, enhancing your overall planning experience.

Streamlined Process for Efficiency

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The new updates brings a significant improvement:

  • Teachers can easily filter and choose standards using simple dropdown menus.
  • Add or remove standards from your unit with just a few clicks.
  • Standards Assessment can be displayed on Reports, with options to include headers for a comprehensive overview.
  • Enjoy a more focused view, showing only the standards relevant to your unit.

Ready to Get Started?
This update is available to all ManageBac Unit Planners across all programmes. For a detailed walk-through of Standards-Based Grading and how to customise your settings, check out our article on the ManageBac Help Centre.

We’re thrilled to bring you this new feature and can’t wait to hear how it enhances your ManageBac experience. As always, we’re here to support you, so if you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to reach out at support@managebac.com.

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