We’re excited to share our latest ManageBac update, developed in response to valuable feedback and feature requests from our users. This enhancement improves the homeroom management experience by introducing the ability to assign multiple homeroom advisors to students, thereby expanding the support and oversight capabilities within your school community.

Enhanced Homeroom Support

Osc Teachers

The key enhancement in this release is the ability for you to assign additional homeroom advisors to students. Initially, these additional advisors will have the capability to record Homeroom Attendance, ensuring more comprehensive support and monitoring of student attendance.

Enhanced Homeroom Support@2X 8

Expanded Student Profiles and Accessibility

Student Portfolio

With the addition of multiple homeroom advisors, student profiles will now display contact details for all assigned advisors. This information will be visible on the student’s Profile page, Plan Worksheet, Portfolio, and Key Contacts Widget, ensuring that all relevant parties are easily accessible.

Expanded Student Profiles And Accessibility

Streamlined Assignment Process

Customisable Checklists

Admins can now easily assign additional homeroom advisors directly from the Year Groups members page. This process is made simple with a new multi-select dropdown menu, allowing for quick assignment of advisors to students.

Flexible Settings and Customisable Terminology


Recognising the diverse needs of different schools, admins have the option to customise the label used to designate “Additional Homeroom Advisors” on the Terminology page in the settings. This flexibility allows the feature to seamlessly integrate with the unique terminology of your school.


This feature is initially set to “disabled” for all schools. However, admins can activate it by simply checking the “Enable Additional Homeroom Advisors” option found in the Security & Permissions settings.

Security Permision@2X 8

Extended Capabilities

Behaviour Ico

Now, the advisors have access to Behaviour & Discipline Notes and can actively engage in Proofing & Reviewing for their assigned students, ensuring a well-rounded support system for every student.

Behaviour & Discipline
Additional Homeroom Advisors can now view all of their students’ Behaviour Notes and receive emails for new behaviour notes. These permissions are managed on the Security & Permissions page, ensuring that schools have full control over who has access to this sensitive information.

Proofing & Reviewing
Additionally, these advisors can now add Advisory Comments, review Term Grades, and Reflections for their assigned students. This feature is particularly useful for including Additional Homeroom Advisors on student report cards, providing a clear representation of their involvement in the student’s academic progress.

We believe this update will improve the homeroom management experience on ManageBac, providing more support and flexibility for both staff and students. As always, we welcome your feedback and are here to assist you in making the most of these new features. For a detailed walk-through of assigning homeroom advisors and how to customise your settings, check out our article on the ManageBac Help Centre. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out at support@managebac.com.

Happy managing!

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