We have made several key updates within ManageBac to further enhance your ecoursework icoIB eCoursework submission process – ready for use in the November Exam Session and beyond!

ManageBac is the only learning platform that supports official IB eCoursework submissions – allowing you to upload Internal and External Assessments, completed IB forms, criteria marks, and teacher marking comments directly to the IB eCoursework system.

And now, with our brand new eCoursework Dashboard, Coordinators get a comprehensive bird’s eye view across all subjects – dramatically enhancing your overall experience. Not only can you monitor the status of all eCoursework submissions in real-time, but you also get even more support with pre-flight checks and uploads – allowing you to submit eCoursework directly to the IB with even greater confidence and peace of mind.

BulletSubject-Specific Guidance

Our new eCoursework Dashboard presents clear outlines of upload requirements for each subject and session, including File Type, File Size and Number of Files – removing any doubts or confusion. The selection of outlines presented is linked to the responses given by your students in their Plans Worksheets, so that your Dashboard is personalised to the needs of your particular cohort.

Clear Upload Requirements@2x 8 1

BulletEasy Bulk Uploads

eCoursework files can now be directly uploaded to the eCoursework Dashboard with a single click of the Add Submission button – eliminating the need to navigate to the relevant Portfolio, and saving you valuable time in peak submission season.

Streamlined Submission@2x 8 1

BulletImproved Tagging & Tracking

Each eCoursework file can now be tagged individually – allowing you to efficiently track students’ progress across the moderation lifecycle. Plus, all eCoursework files are automatically validated within ManageBac to ensure the proper file type, size and quantity are selected for each requirement – catching any mistakes in the nick of time!

Tracking Across All Requirements@2x 8

Improve Tagging Tracking Graphic@2x 8 2

BulletFull Subject Coverage

Our new Dashboard also extends our Internal Assessment and Forms coverage across all Subject Groups – allowing forms to be completed easily and efficiently directly on screen, with School Code and Candidate Session Numbers automatically pre-filled.

Group & Subject Component IB Forms
Theory of Knowledge Essay (External Assessment) Form: TK/PPF*
Extended Essay External Assessment Form: EE/RPPF*
Literature and Performance Internal Assessment Form: 1&6/LPIA*NEW
Global Politics HL Extension Oral (Internal Assessment) Form: 3/CSGP/HX*NEW
Dance HL Dance Investigation (External Assessment) Form: 6/DDICS
Dance HL Composition and Analysis (External Assessment) Form: 6/DCAF*
Dance HL Composition and Analysis (External Assessment) Form: 6/DCACS
Dance SL Composition and Analysis (External Assessment) Form: 6/DCAF*
Dance SL Composition and Analysis (External Assessment) Form: 6/DCACS
Film Textual Analysis (External Assessment) Form: 6/FCAF*
Theatre Director’s Notebook (External Assessment) Form: 6/TCAF*
Music Contemporary Music Maker (Internal Assessment) Form: 6/MCMM
Music Presenting Music (External Assessment) Form: 6/MPM
Music Experimenting With Music (Internal Assessment) Form: 6/MEM
Music Exploring Music in Context (External Assessment) Form: 6/MEMC
Music Musical Links Investigation (External Assessment) Form: 6/MCAF*
Visual Arts Comparative Study (External Assessment) Form: 6/VACAF*

*All forms can be exported through our new eCoursework dashboard, while the forms indicated with a * are also available within ManageBac Classes.

Stay tuned for more updates and share your feedback with us at product@managebac.com.

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