Improving Teacher < > Student & Parent communication has been a key focus area for us, and we are excited to share a first look at our new MB KeyChat icon1-1 Direct Messaging system, which will be rolling out across Classes, Year Groups and Homerooms very soon.

How will it work?

Bullet Within all Class, Year Group and Homeroom pages, you will click the Members icon on the top right corner to toggle open a list of all associated students and teachers.

Screenshot 1 1 chat

Bullet Search by name or simply click on an avatar to launch our student modal with helpful, at-a-glance information on the student’s:

  • Class and LocationCurrent Class and Location
  • Attendance 64Homeroom Attendance – with any Excusal Notes
  • Workload IndicatorsWorkload Indicator with # of Assessment Tasks

Student User Modal with red annotations explanation 2@2x 8

BulletClicking Start Chat within the student modal will launch a secure Chat window with 1-1 messaging.

Or, within all Class Pages, clicking Start Class Chat will launch a new direct messaging window, where Teachers and Students can post messages, upload files and more.

Top Class Menu Members Icon Zoom@2x 8 1

Permissions & Safeguarding

In our first release, Students and Teachers will both be able to initiate chat messages. Teachers and Advisors will also have the additional option of including Parents.

In future releases, we plan to expand Student-to-Student chat for study groups and departments, but this will be flexible and based on each school’s preference.

As an Administrator, you can enable 1-1 Chat Messaging within your Settings > Academics, where you can also review advanced options for permissions.

Settings Academic Functions@2x 8 1

Safeguarding icoSafety is important and all Chat messages are securely logged for compliance. If a Student or Teacher reports inappropriate content, the chat transcript is automatically sent to your school’s designated Safeguarding Officer.

Safeguard officer dropdown in setting@2x 8

In this first release, 1-1 Direct Messaging will be available on Web and Tablet iconiPad only, with Mobile support to follow shortly.

In the meantime, please share your feedback directly with us:

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