In July, we introduced the new ManageBac Viewer & Annotation engine designed to enhance assessment feedback universally.

The ManageBac Viewer & Annotation engine contains a Document Editor Feature and gives educators the ability to export to PDF, annotate with different formatting and add comments for feedback & recommendations:

assessment feedback
This Vantage Reader Turbo release delivers a host of key enhancements:

  • Preview & Annotate Everywhere: Viewer & Annotations have been expanded from Coursework within the Split-screen Gradebook to encompass Portfolios, Presentation Mode, Stream & Resources and Project worksheets.
  • Document Editor: Our Document Editor allows you to rotate, re-order and edit documents seamlessly.
  • Expanded File & Image Support: We have expanded support for files and images for all Microsoft Office Documents including Word and PowerPoint.
  • Mobile & Offline Mode: You can now annotate while offline (on Mobile iOS & Android, web and tablet devices) and annotations will automatically re-sync.

In this release, you will also discover a few new surprises including our new ManageBac icons for the IB Learner Profile, ATL Skills and more.

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