In advance of the Pamoja Lesson Suite release, we are delighted to announce the introduction of the Global ResourceBank feature on ManageBac.

ResourceThe new Global ResourceBank will allow Teachers to collaboratively share (and import) pre-built Units, Lessons, Tasks and Resources to (and from) all 3,200+ ManageBac schools building on our existing in-school ResourceBank sharing features. Webp To Png51Within your Class > Units & Tasks Roster or within an individual Unit, you can access the ResourceBank, which is organized by Subject – this feature will allow you to flexibly share Lessons, Tasks & Resources across classes. By default, you will see your My School option shown alongside Pamoja Lesson Suite and Global ResourceBank.

School Settings Resource Bank 1At the Administrator-level, you will need to enable access to the Global ResourceBank within your School Settings. By default the Global ResourceBank feature is disabled, since we need to respect individual school preferences, so if you are a Teacher and do not see this option, please contact your ManageBac administrator.

Once enabled, Teachers will be able to share and contribute to the Global ResourceBank under Creative Commons licensing:

Teachers can easily contribute any Unit, Task and Resource to the Global ResourceBank in one-click by selecting the Share icon.

Picture1 1Soon after the launch of the new ResourceBank, we will provide a free baseline Programme of Inquiry in the PYP covering all age-levels, a free teaching online PD course based on Pamoja’s ten years of delivering the IB online and the Pamoja Lesson Suite for the IB Diploma. If you are interested in contributing to the ManageBac Global ResourceBank or participating in our Advancing Curriculum Design initiatives, please feel free to contact the FariaPD team to learn more about our PD initiatives and curriculum development opportunities.