The past few months have seen us undertake a range of updates to ManageBac’s Assessment and Reporting functionality – incorporating even more flexibility and customisation, so that you can tailor key processes to your school’s unique context.

In case you missed them, catch up on releases from recent months:

ManageBac’s seamless integration with AssessPrep means your Gradebook can now be fully synced with your online assessment platform – allowing for one-click assessment creation, speedy auto-marking and analytics.

Our improved Gradebook design includes a range of handy short-cuts to save time and effort at every turn. Did you know you can now easily toggle to show or hide assessment feedback for students?

Updates to our Proofing and Review tools have made reporting processes smoother than ever, with built-in cross-checks, helpful auto-save and clear assessment analytics.

And now, check out our very latest updates:

We have added a Binary (Complete/Incomplete) assessment option for IB MYP, aligning our assessment models across all programmes.

Legacy assessment Options and Rubrics can now be archived – allowing you to fully customise your Reporting and Gradebooks by academic term.

Want to show multiple academic terms on one report card? You can now include prior term assessment Options and Rubrics – perfect for schools looking to report on longer term progression and exams.

Schools now have the flexibility to toggle ON/OFF the rolling Term Average for Students and Parents, so that you can choose exactly what you want to communicate, and when.

And we’re not stopping there! Look out for a range of Task Gradebook updates, improved Admin permissions for Term Gradebooks, and even more powerful formula calculations – all coming soon. In the meantime, share your feedback with us:

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