Building on our last Messages & Notifications release in August 2020, we are delighted to announce nine new Message & Notification updates for parents, students, teachers and administrators. 

Key Benefits

  1. Daily & Weekly Digests provide a periodic overview of important information for students, parents and teachers
  2. Expanded Notifications improve communication and planning
  3. Flexible configurability brings everyday convenience

What are the new updates and who are they for?

Digest / Notification What is it? Who is it for? Digest Frequency
Coursework Submission Digest At-a-Glance Overview of:

  • Coursework submitted
  • The number of students submitting each assignment
  • The names of students who have not submitted coursework
Teachers, Coordinators & Administrators Daily 
Class Digest At-a-Glance Overview of: 

  • Upcoming Assessment Tasks & Deadlines
  • Upcoming Online Classes 
Students Weekly
Curriculum Digest At-a-Glance Overview of: 

  • New Units
  • Unit Updates
Teachers, Coordinators & Administrators Weekly
Behaviour & Discipline Digest At-a-Glance Overview of New Behaviour and Discipline Notes Teachers, Coordinators & Administrators Weekly
Parent Digest At-a-Glance Overview of:

  • Bulletins
  • Deadlines and Events
  • Assessment Tasks
  • ManageBac Activity 
Parents Weekly
Task Update Notification Notification of Task Updates Students N/A
New Event Notification Notification of New Events Students and Teachers N/A
Event / Deadline Notification Update Notification of Event / Deadline Updates Students and Teachers N/A


Updated Notifications Preferences Page

The Notification Preferences page has also been reorganised to provide users with a more intuitive layout. A new Digest section has also been added to the bottom of the page. Here users can choose how often they would like to receive their digest notifications (weekly, daily or not at all).

If you have suggestions for additional types of notifications or improvements that you would like to see, please submit an idea on our Product Portal.