With the IB moving towards a dual route for May 2021 examinations world-wide and many schools still teaching online, having complete and accurate information on ManageBac is more important than ever. For schools that used ManageBac’s direct integration with IBIS for IB Diploma exam registration, IB Candidate Session Numbers have been synced with your registered students. 

Ibdp Plans 1

You can find this information, along with the already synced IBIS personal codes for each student, within your Plans tab, where student subject registration information is conveniently located and visible to teachers, parents, and students alike. It will be listed in each student’s Plans worksheet, along with a list format via Plans > Manage IBIS Personal Codes

For schools who did not directly register their students using our IBIS integration, you can still bulk import your student personal codes, candidate session numbers, and pins. Via Plans > Manage IBIS Personal Codes, click the Bulk Import button on the right navigation panel to download our CSV template. Once filled in, upload the template to bulk update your student information. 

With the student’s exam registration data in ManageBac, tracking eCoursework submission requirements has never been simpler. Coordinators can identify specific coursework as the relevant component based on Subject Group & Subject requirements, as well as generate official IB forms. 

Ibdp Studen Portfolio

Then, simply drag and drop the IAs, EAs and portfolio samples into IB eCoursework. Upon submission, real-time statuses for each student and your entire year group will display in the Portfolio right-hand side, ensuring you have completed all relevant submissions by the deadline. 

Ib Diploma Portfolio 1

As a reminder for schools not yet using ManageBac, we have extended our invitation from May 2020 to all IB DP and CP schools globally to use ManageBac specifically for eCoursework submission for the May 2021 exam session free of charge. Our support & data teams are available to provision accounts and swiftly populate user information so you can get started right away, via filling out the ManageBac School Account expedited request form. To learn more about our offer, click here

Ecoursework Upload 1

For current ManageBac schools, please refer to the following guidance to lead you through the eCoursework upload process via ManageBac, contact our support team, or join one of our webinars.