We are delighted to announce the latest enhancements to our student portfolios for students, teachers, admins & coordinators and parents across all curriculum programmes. We hope the newest additions to the student portfolios bring more efficiency to your daily processes and expand the ways portfolios can be used to capture each the student’s growth during their academic career.

  1. Task Submissions shown in Portfolio Timeline – The coursework submitted by students is now included in the Portfolio Timeline. Coursework uploaded by students requires approval from their teacher before it is added to the Timeline. For the Diploma Programme, Internal Assessments, such as Group 1 Orals are also added into the Portfolio Timeline automatically:
  1. Document Preview – The document preview allows you to open a resource without downloading it. This makes the experience of reading through a Portfolio easier for teachers, parents, and students. The document preview works for all the most common file formats (docx, txt, pptx, pdf, jpeg, png, etc.):

Doc Preview 4

  1. Bulk Upload Resources – In an effort to make resource uploads easier and more efficient for both teachers and students, we have implemented the ability to upload up to 10 files or photos at once:

Bulk Upload 1

  1. eCoursework Tagging – Enables Diploma Programme Coordinators to tag student coursework that needs to be uploaded to eCoursework. Furthermore, Coordinators can also assign the subject and component for the coursework. The simple eCoursework filter allows Coordinators to view the tagged resources at a later time:
  1. eCoursework Folder – A central repository of documents required for the Diploma Programme. The folder is available to Teachers and Coordinators. The available documents include:
    • Forms such as TOK PPF and PPD, EE RPPF, ICCS, and CAF that are all generated by a single click
    • Oral recordings and Internal Assessment submissions are automatically added from Classes
    • Any Portfolio resources tagged with the eCoursework tag.

Ecoursework Folder

If you would like to get started with ManageBac to more easily manage your Student Portfolios, please contact us.