As part of our focus on improving ease of use, we have recently upgraded our Text Editor with the addition of enhanced rich text editing & embed options, and Messaging functions to provide a better experience across classes and year groups for students and teachers.

Screenshot 1

The most noticeable change is the addition of threaded messages & comments for Assessment Tasks making it easier to follow a conversation and reply to comments directly.

Screenshot 2

If your students ever need to bring something to a teacher’s or administrator’s attention in private, they can now do so directly from within ManageBac with private messaging for direct Student-to-Teacher communication.  Teaching staff can also take advantage of the same feature for direct Teacher-to-Teacher communication to discuss assignments, issues, or any other issues in private.

Screenshot 1

Grammar suggestions and a Spell Check function are now also built-in within our Text Editors in order to help students improve their writing & grammar without having to rely on external tools or applications. Within the Settings, schools can choose from UK, US and Canadian English grammar options.

Screenshot 4AScreenshot 4B

Last but not least is an improvement that adds personality and a distinct voice to everyone’s communications – emojis are now fully integrated on all Messages, Tasks & Resources.

Screenshot 5

If you have any questions or comments about these changes, please email our dedicated support team at  We look forward to bringing you many more updates in the near future!