Over the last three weeks, we hosted our first ever ManageBac Diploma Programme Certificate Course in Hong Kong (Nov 2-3), Chicago (Nov 2-3) and London (Nov 16-17). The courses are part of the newly launched Certificate Programme, which aims to provide programme-specific training for system administrators including technology directors and curriculum coordinators on how to implement and use ManageBac effectively.

Our first courses were focused on the IB Diploma Programme and we are excited to host future courses for Middle Years, Primary Years and more in 2019.

In London & Chicago, we were privileged to run the course at Southbank International School and Lincoln Park High School respectively and had the pleasure of welcoming 120 participants from 85 schools across all three courses.

A special thanks to our official partner for University & Careers guidance, BridgeU, who gave an insightful presentation on the latest university admissions trends from IB Diploma Students. BridgeU also hosted a casual Happy Hour and the end of Day 1 at the Hong Kong course.

Click HERE to download the presentation slides.

SESSION 1 – Introduction

In the first session, we introduced the ManageBac team and spent some time getting to know each other in addition to covering the course outline.

SESSION 2 – ManageBac Fundamentals

High-level walkthrough of what ManageBac is and how it works for the Diploma Core & Programme.

SESSION 3 – Account Setup & Management

An in-depth look at all the steps required to properly set up and manage your ManageBac account. The steps outlined here determine how much schools are able to ‘get out of’ their ManageBac accounts and how easy it will be for Teachers, Students & Parents to adopt.

Proper account set up & management leads to the easier adoption of ManageBac by your school community.

SESSION 4 – Classroom Management

Overview of how teachers can use ManageBac to track all that’s going on in the classroom, with a special focus on DP curriculum planning & assessment.

SESSION 5 – Guest Speakers
London Course:

Using ManageBac to Streamline DP Deadlines, Chantelle Buchanan, Humanities Teacher at The English College in Prague.

Chicago Course:

Leveraging ManageBac for DP Core, Internal Assessments and IB Coursework, Heather McKinney, Ed.S., DP Coordinator at East Grand Rapids High School.


An overview of how ManageBac works for CAS and how to customise ManageBac to suit various CAS management styles – Open, Guided or Closed.

SESSION 7 – Extended Essay & Theory of Knowledge

Using student worksheets to help track the Extended Essay & Theory of Knowledge. This includes Year Group deadlines, the Researchers Reflection Space, Planning & Progress Forms, the TOK presentation, and recording interview notes.

This session also discussed how to integrate the TOK year group roster with TOK classes.

SESSION 8 – Integrations (IBIS Exams Registrations, eCoursework, Turnitin)

The session focused on the integrations most widely used by ManageBac Diploma schools: IBIS exam registration, eCoursework submission & Turnitin.

SESSION 9 – Report Cards Workshop

Here we split into groups & practised generating DP Sample Report cards.

SESSION 10 – ManageBac Attendance

The session on Attendance provided an overview of how ManageBac can be used to track Homeroom (i.e. daily) attendance as well as Class attendance.

We had an amazing time connecting with new and longtime ManageBac schools. A huge thank you to Southbank International School and Lincoln Park High School for hosting us, to BridgeU for hosting the networking event in Hong Kong, and to Chantelle Buchanan and Heather McKinney for presenting!

Stay tuned for upcoming ManageBac Courses in 2019 for MYP, PYP and more here!