Head into the new school year with our redesigned ManageBac Help Centre, providing customer-driven and intuitive ways to find the answers you are looking for. Simply log-in to your ManageBac account, and click Help & Support at the top right to be taken to the full version of the help centre, or navigate to help.fariaedu.com/managebac 

Improved Layout

The first thing you will notice is the new look, with new fonts, colours and icons, making it easier on the eyes. The layout flexibly adjusts for mobile browsing, so you can get your answer whether on the go or from the ManageBac mobile app on Android and iOS.

Popular and featured articles are highlighted to make them easier to find, with dropdown menus making it simpler to switch to other topics from any page. Right-hand header navigation panel & article index menus have been added to provide quick-jump points for lengthier articles.

Role & Curriculum-based Access

We looked deep into the analytics of how our users have been using our help centre over the last 2 years, and identified different patterns of search and click. We have adjusted the layouts and organisation to meet those needs, including the option to browse by User Role (for Administrators, Teachers or Advisors, Students or Parents) and  Curriculum Programme (IB DP, CP, MYP, PYP, and a variety of non-IB modules for UK and US curriculum).

Many new articles have been added catering for most common searches and topics from our community. A number of popular new additions include our Resource Library of Professional Development resources, our What’s New ChangeLog and interactive Product Portal for user feedback, guidance on how ManageBac handles Feature Requests and Curriculum Updates, as well a special focus on Remote Learning and School-to-Home engagement. 

New Getting Started Guides & Academic Year Webinar Series

Brand new Getting Started User Guides have been added for all user permission types (Admins, Teachers, Students, Parents and Observers) aimed at first-time users to ManageBac, or those looking for a refresh for the new academic year. 

The guides run through from Login & Access to Profile & Personalisation, Navigation & Daily use. They also introduce the user on how to access text and video resources, and are directly integrated with ManageBac welcome emails, making it easier to onboard your community than ever before! 

We have also completely refreshed Implementation QuickStart Guides, in new engaging Google Slide decks for easier sharing with your leadership team. Guides cover programme-based Implementation, as well as in-depth looks at setting up your ManageBac account for IBIS Exam Registration, IB eCoursework Submission & Mobile Access.

We have paid particular attention to assist you in onboarding your community, especially given the remote setting many of our schools still find themselves in. Additional resources include webinars on Opening ManageBac to your School Community, First-Time Users Introduction, and for the very first time, webinars on ManageBac for Students and ManageBac for Parents. Watch the webinar recordings on-demand, share the links with your community or create your own!

Whether you reach out via email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, or by submitting a support request, our Global Support team will have the full context to solve your issue efficiently with one unified thread. If we are missing an article, topic or resource that would assist your school, please reach out to our Support team directly. 

For any further questions about transitioning your account, QuickStart Guides, or the ManageBac Help Centre, please contact support@managebac.com or submit a request from the help centre!