We are pleased to announce the release of a brand new feature for IB Diploma Literature and Language and Literature classes: the Learner Portfolio. Our Learner Portfolio allows individual students to build a collection of their work and reflections throughout the two years of the course. Students can reflect upon their engagement with literary and non-literary texts and establish connections among them.

Built-in checkboxes allow students to link files, reflections, videos and more with the areas of exploration, concepts and global issues. Furthermore, the Learner Portfolio is a space in which students can prepare for assessment. They can use the Portfolio to make connections between the works they have studied and the assessment components.

Filtering allows for connections over time and across course components to be made visible, supporting students to prepare for their external and internal assessment.

A class overview is provided for teachers to easily access individual Learner Portfolios for their students.

Teachers can also comment on each student submission to facilitate feedback and feedforward.

Join us in December for a webinar with Natalie Lockhart-Mann, IB workshop leader, IB Diploma coordinator and Literature teacher. Natalie will offer ideas, tips and guidance for using the Learner Portfolio to enhance learning and support students.

Schedule for the webinar to save your seat.

For any further questions about the newly released Learner Portfolio for IB Diploma Literature and Language and Literature classes, please contact support@managebac.com or submit a request from the help centre!