Schools using ManageBac’s direct integration with IBIS for IB Diploma exam registration via the Plans tab will notice that IB Candidate Session Numbers have now been synced with your registered students for the November 2021 session.

This information is available for review via each year group’s Plans tab, by selecting the Manage IBIS Personal Codes link on the right navigation panel. It will also be available on each student’s individual worksheet.

image 17

For schools who did not directly register their students using our IBIS integration, you can still bulk import your student personal codes, candidate session numbers, and pins. Via Plans > Manage IBIS Personal Codes, click the Bulk Import button on the right navigation panel to download our CSV template. Once filled in, upload the template to bulk update your student information.

image 18

As a reminder, we now also offer registration to Pamoja Online Courses via the Plans tab to streamline both registration for courses and for exams in the same place! To learn more, click here.