As the November deadline to register IB Diploma and Diploma Course students on IBIS for the May 2021 session approaches, ManageBac is here to help make the process as simple and quick as possible. 

Schools can get their students involved in the process to ease the burden from their coordinators, allowing them to select their own subjects and fill in their own personal information. Alternatively, coordinators can fill out the worksheets on their end and lock them from student edits, while still increasing transparency by allowing students to read through their registration details. 

Once the subjects and personal information is added for each student, coordinators can register them onto IBIS with one click of a button. Further benefits include:

  1. Being able to generate customised PDF invoices for students based on the registered information
  2. Ability to easily build personalised exam calendars each year based on the registered subjects for each student
  3. Student personal codes get added to their profiles automatically, which will automatically populate into any IB form on ManageBac where the Personal Code is required 

This year, we’re also delighted to have added Pamoja Online Course integration as an option. If this integration is enabled via Settings > School Settings > Global ResourceBank & Pamoja, coordinators or students will be able to select if the subject in their Plans tab will be a Pamoja Online Course. This one-click process will send a course registration request straight to Pamoja through our OpenApply admissions service, and a response will be sent to the school’s Site-Based Coordinator within three working days. Schools can also select which subjects should be available as Pamoja courses via Settings > IB Diploma > Subjects > Pamoja Subjects

Students, Coordinators and Site-Based Coordinators will also be able to track course submission statuses via the students’ Plans worksheet after each request is submitted, creating a more transparent and streamlined process from start to finish. 

To learn more about IBIS exam registration via ManageBac, check out our full QuickStart Guide on the process here, or register for one of our upcoming webinars, Introduction to IBIS Exam Registration (ManageBac 101):

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